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Tobacco Control Country Profiles 2003

Editors: Omar Shafey
Suzanne Dolwick
G. Emmanuel Guindon

Front Cover

Foreword, Acknowledgments, Introduction and Overview of Global Tobacco Surveillance


Regional Summaries:

African Region (AFRO)
Region of the Americas (PAHO)
Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO)
European Region (EURO)
South-East Asia Region (SEARO)
Western Pacific Region (WPRO)

Country Profiles:

Afghanistan (EMRO)
Albania (EURO)
Algeria (AFRO)
Andorra (EURO)
Angola (AFRO)
Antigua and Barbuda (PAHO)
Argentina (PAHO)
Armenia (EURO)
Australia (WPRO)
Austria (EURO)
Azerbaijan (EURO)
Bahamas (PAHO)
Bahrain (EMRO)
Bangladesh (SEARO)
Barbados (PAHO)
Belarus (EURO)
Belgium (EURO)
Belize (PAHO)
Benin (AFRO)
Bhutan (SEARO)
Bolivia (PAHO)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (EURO)
Botswana (AFRO)
Brazil (PAHO)
Brunei Darussalam (WPRO)
Bulgaria (EURO)
Burkina Faso (AFRO)
Burundi (AFRO)
Cambodia (WPRO)
Cameroon (AFRO)
Canada (PAHO)
Cape Verde (AFRO)
Central African Republic (AFRO)
Chad (AFRO)
Chile (PAHO)
China (WPRO)
Hong Kong(WPRO)
Colombia (PAHO)
Comoros (AFRO)
Congo (AFRO)
Cook Islands (WPRO)
Costa Rica (PAHO)
C�te d�Ivoire (AFRO)
Croatia (EURO)
Cuba (PAHO)
Cyprus (EMRO)
Czech Republic (EURO)
Democratic People�s Republic of Korea (SEARO)
Democratic Republic of the Congo (AFRO)
Denmark (EURO)
Djibouti (EMRO)
Dominica (PAHO)
Dominican Republic (PAHO)
Ecuador (PAHO)
Egypt (EMRO)
El Salvador (PAHO)
Equatorial Guinea (AFRO)
Eritrea (AFRO)
Estonia (EURO)
Ethiopia (AFRO)
Fiji (WPRO)
Finland (EURO)
France (EURO)
Gabon (AFRO)
Gambia (AFRO)
Georgia (EURO)
Germany (EURO)
Ghana (AFRO)
Greece (EURO)
Grenada (PAHO)
Guatemala (PAHO)
Guinea (AFRO)
Guinea-Bissau (AFRO)
Guyana (PAHO)
Haiti (PAHO)
Honduras (PAHO)
Hungary (EURO)
Iceland (EURO)
India (SEARO)
Indonesia (SEARO)
Iran (Islamic Republic of) (EMRO)
Iraq (EMRO)
Ireland (EURO)
Israel (EURO)
Italy (EURO)
Jamaica (PAHO)
Japan (WPRO)
Jordan (EMRO)
Kazakhstan (EURO)
Kenya (AFRO)
Kiribati (WPRO)
Kuwait (EMRO)
Kyrgyzstan (EURO)
Lao People�s Democratic Republic (WPRO)
Latvia (EURO)
Lebanon (EMRO)
Lesotho (AFRO)
Liberia (AFRO)
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (EMRO)
Lithuania (EURO)
Luxembourg (EURO)
Madagascar (AFRO)
Malawi (AFRO)
Malaysia (WPRO)
Maldives (SEARO)
Mali (AFRO)
Malta (EURO)
Marshall Islands (WPRO)
Mauritania (AFRO)
Mauritius (AFRO)
Mexico (PAHO)
Micronesia (Federated States of) (WPRO)
Monaco (EURO)
Mongolia (WPRO)
Morocco (EMRO)
Mozambique (AFRO)
Myanmar (SEARO)
Namibia (AFRO)
Nauru (WPRO)
Nepal (SEARO)
Netherlands (EURO)
New Zealand (WPRO)
Nicaragua (PAHO)
Niger (AFRO)
Nigeria (AFRO)
Niue (WPRO)
Norway (EURO)
Oman (EMRO)
Pakistan (EMRO)
Palau (WPRO)
Panama (PAHO)
Papua New Guinea (WPRO)
Paraguay (PAHO)
Peru (PAHO)
Philippines (WPRO)
Poland (EURO)
Portugal (EURO)
Puerto Rico (associate Member State) (PAHO)
Qatar (EMRO)
Republic of Korea (WPRO)
Republic of Moldova (EURO)
Romania (EURO)
Russian Federation (EURO)
Rwanda (AFRO)
Saint Kitts and Nevis (PAHO)
Saint Lucia (PAHO)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (PAHO)
Samoa (WPRO)
San Marino (EURO)
Sao Tome and Principe (AFRO)
Saudi Arabia (EMRO)
Senegal (AFRO)
Serbia and Montenegro (EURO)
Seychelles (AFRO)
Sierra Leone (AFRO)
Singapore (WPRO)
Slovakia (EURO)
Slovenia (EURO)
Solomon Islands (WPRO)
Somalia (EMRO)
South Africa (AFRO)
Spain (EURO)
Sri Lanka (SEARO)
Sudan (EMRO)
Suriname (PAHO)
Swaziland (AFRO)
Sweden (EURO)
Switzerland (EURO)
Syrian Arab Republic (EMRO)
Tajikistan (EURO)
Thailand (SEARO)
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (EURO)
Timor-Leste (SEARO)
Togo (AFRO)
Tokelau (associate Member State) (WPRO)
Tonga (WPRO)
Trinidad and Tobago (PAHO)
Tunisia (EMRO)
Turkey (EURO)
Turkmenistan (EURO)
Tuvalu (WPRO)
Uganda (AFRO)
Ukraine (EURO)
United Arab Emirates (EMRO)
United Kingdom (EURO)
United Republic of Tanzania (AFRO)
United States of America (PAHO)
Uruguay (PAHO)
Uzbekistan (EURO)
Vanuatu (WPRO)
Venezuela (PAHO)
Viet Nam (WPRO)
West Bank and Gaza Strip (EMRO)
Yemen (EMRO)
Zambia (AFRO) Zimbabwe (AFRO)

Appendix A: Tobacco Control Organizations and Contacts

Appendix B: Legislation

Back Cover
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World Health Organisation
the International Union Against Cancer

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