Smoke & Mirrors 
The Canadian Tobacco War

Rob Cunningham

IDRC 1996, ISBN 0-88936-755-8, $25 
372 pp., 6" x 9", paperback

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"An astounding achievement" 
Tobocco Control: An International Journal

"A must for all public health professionals" 
Canadian Journal of Public Health

"Internationally, this book will appeal to those involved in tobacco control movements who wish to learn from the Canadian experience." 
Canadian Medical Association Journal

"This fine book shows ... that it is sometimes possible to fight big tobacco and win." 
Journal of the American Medical Association

Smoke & Mirrors provides an insider's view of the Canadian tobacco war, a hundred-year-old conflict that began to escalate in the1980s. Written by a prominent antismoking advocate, the book explains how Canada emerged as a global leader in the public health crusade to regulate the powerful tobacco industry. Author Rob Cunningham exposes the industry's deception and tactics and describes in fascinating detail the bitter campaigns to maintain high tobacco taxes, ban tobacco advertising, eliminate tobacco sponsorships, require plain packaging, mandate clear health warnings, and prohibit smoking in public places and workplaces. 

While tobacco wars continue to rage in Canada and the industrialized North, the battleground is shifting increasingly to less developed countries and eastern Europe. For those in the front lines and other concerned readers, Smoke & Mirrors outlines how to take on the "merchants of 
death" � and win. 

The Author 

A lawyer by profession, Rob Cunningham holds degrees in political science, law, and business. Cunningham first became active in tobacco issues in 1988 and has since become a recognized expert in the field of tobacco control. He has worked as a consultant for provincial, national, and international health organizations. As one of the core group of Canadian activists fighting for tobacco control, Cunningham has testified before parliamentary committees, given hundreds of media interviews in Canada and the United States, published numerous tobacco-related articles, and initiated private prosecutions for violations of tobacco control laws. Cunningham now works in Ottawa as a senior policy analyst for the Canadian Cancer Society. 


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Smoke & mirrors: the Canadian tobacco war

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ISBN 0-88936-755-8

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